Tour de France

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  Abtuse Sextet in France 20th-25th August 2014


This August, I’ll be joining Abtuse Sextet, to play with them for a week of gigs in France.

I was recently asked to dep for their guitarist Martin Briggs for a gig with the band at Dada Bar in Sheffield. Which was great fun.

I’m looking forward to playing with the band again in France, in August. We’ll be travelling out to Vendee, in the Pays-de-la-Loire region in west-central France, on the 20th of August, for a day of rehearsal, on Thurs 21st. Then we’ll be playing 3 gigs in the region, before returning on 25th Aug.

Abtuse photi bw

The band features 

Brian Whittington – Tenor sax,

Alex Celik – Trumpet, 

Andrei Celik – Keys,

Trevor Prinn – Bass,

John Settle – Drums

Becky – Vocals

Abtuse Tour Dates 2014

Fri 22 Aug : La Bonne Vie, Vendee, France

Sat 23 Aug : Cafe des Belles Fleurs, Vendee, France

Sun 24 Aug : (tbc) France


Now, where did I put my passport….


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