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Leeds Jazz Orchestra

Last week saw the start of a new season with the L.J.O. I’m really happy to be back with them for a second year, and looking forward to new tunes, getting to know the new players, and more gigs….

Hope n Social

We were joined the other night, by composer/ Trumpeter, James Hamilton. We’ll be taking part in some big band arrangements, playing along side his band, Hope and Social. We’ll be joining them on stage to perform the arrangements sometime in May.

La Boheme Jazz Orchestra

This week sees the start of a new Big Band under the leadership of Colin Byrne (Leader of L.J.O.). The band will be performing every Friday at La Boheme, Cross York St, Leeds from 5.30 – 7.30pm. It’s gonna be fun 🙂 See Gig listing for details…

jazz fri

The Ben Allen Quartet w/Gary Boyle

I’ve recently joined the quartet of saxophonist Ben Allen, which features my old guitar teacher, the one and only Gary Boyle. The band also features Ian Bell on Drums. I’m really excited about working with such great players. I’ll be playing bass with them, on our first gig together at No39. in Darwen this Thurs 10 Oct. 🙂


The Ben Allen Quartet at Jims Cafe 7/11/13 – l-r Gary Boyle, me, Ian Bell, Ben Allen